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Hai Sereyan ... How are you doing tonight? Of course you are all in a very good condition!

Talking about flowers is really cool and fun because these plants are something that is loved by humans, especially women, according to the saying "Flowers are as soft and beautiful as women" so when we speak, we will talk about tenderness and beauty of women.But in this post it doesn't talk about women but we will discuss the flower itself.


As the name implies, namely Red Rose Flower, this one flower includes a very beautiful flower. Sangking beautiful, then there is a part of the name pinned on someone like "Ros" and "Rose" which if interpreted as beautiful as roses. While experts define that Rose is a type of shrub plant from the genus Rosa and the name of the flower produced by this plant. Whereas if reviewed, there are many wild Roses consisting of more than 100 species, most of which grow in the northern hemisphere, which is cool air. Species of roses are generally thorn bushes or climbing plants that can reach 2 to 5 meters and even above our yard they are above those mentioned above. Although rarely found, the height of roses that propagate in other plants can reach 20 meters. And these plants are often found around us. And that is normal.


In Indonesia in general, especially in our area, precisely in the City of Bekasi this one species of flower has leaves that are between 5-15 cm long with two-two opposite (pinnate). Compound leaves which each leaf stalk consists of at least 3 or 5 to 9 or 13 leaflets and stipules which are oval shaped, pinnate pinnate, edge edge beritit, tapered at the tip of the leaf and spiny on the stem close to the ground, while the color mostly red exactly like in the picture in this post.


While other information from roses is that roses generally have hook-like spines that serve as a handle when climbing other plants. Some species that grow wild on sandy soil in coastal areas such as Rosa rugosa and Rosa pimpinellifolia adapt to straight thorns like needles that might function to reduce damage caused by animals, holding sand blown by the wind and protecting roots from erosion. Even though it's protected by thorns. But it often happens in the forest that a deer does not seem afraid and often damages the roses. Some species of roses have undeveloped thorns that are not sharp in the plants themselves. According to the description that I know, hopefully it will be useful and thank you very much.

CameraMI Note 9 + macro lensa
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LocationBekasi Indonesia
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