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In terms of photos, people mention various procedures in aiming at an object in taking pictures of its purpose to get good image quality, both by approaching and in great distances. We think like the term macro photography. To get a good picture from a very close direction, you must use a tool called a camera macro. Macro lenses are specifically designed to produce optimal optical performance at very short focal distances and are usually sharpest at close range, although that does not mean that you can only use it for macro photography. Many macro lenses can also show good performance when shooting normal subjects at normal distances. But if you don't use a macro lens when aiming at objects from very close directions, the results will be blurred or damaged.


In technology, all lens magnification is determined by the focal length. For macro photography, we also pay attention to how close we are to the subject. In this factor, the focal length and minimum focusing distance, determining the maximum enlargement ratio of the lens, is sometimes referred to as the "reproduction ratio." The closer you are to a subject with a lens at a certain focal length, the higher the enlargement ratio you will achieve. You can see the results of the objects we photograph contained in the picture in this post.


According to my experience, what has been done that is said classic from a macro lens is a lens that has a maximum enlargement ratio of at least 1: 1, or "1x" in the lens specifications (you can practice it on your camera). That is, the subject can be reproduced in full size on the camera image sensor on a 10 mm object can be projected into the sensor as a 10 mm image if the lens is close enough to the subject. The maximum magnification ratio of 1: 2 or "0.5x" means that the maximum size that an image of the same 10 mm object can be projected into the sensor is 5 mm, or only half the actual size or normal size. In taking pictures not only rely on the tools but you must be very patient in aiming for certain objects.


But in this case you need to know that, features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Then the availability of services depends on the region. Some or all parts of the software / services installed on or accessible through the product may change, be stopped, deleted, suspended or terminated without notice. And the original color may be different from the image on the screen. And the last time editing an image is to adjust to the state of the colors found in the environment of an object. Those are some explanations that may be useful for all of us.

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