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Do you know about Iris? Maybe some of us know and maybe there are those who don't know him yet, okay ... For those of you who don't know about this one flower, let's follow the review.

According to health experts and ornamental plant lovers they say that, Iris or what is often referred to as a medical language is "Iris tectorum Max" This flower is called a plant that originated in Japan. At first this one flower was planted as an ornamental plant because of its beautiful flowers and beautiful shape. In general, these flowers grow well on land or areas experiencing 4 seasons, including the tropics, in Indonesia these flowers grow well without being difficult to care for. But in the end the experts found in this flower jug ​​containing Herbs and can be made as a medicine for human health.


Iris Flower, besides being beautiful, also has Chemical Properties and Pharmacological Effects. Experts say that it tastes spicy, neutral. While the usefulness is efficacious as anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), peluruh urine (diuretic), eliminates blood clots, and improves digestive function in the human body. For Japanese, this one flower has long been made as an herbal medicine.


From the results of the study it turns out that this flower contains many chemical elements such as, Iridine, tannin, resin, starch, myristic acid, and iron. While the parts taken to be made as medicine are rhizome roots, leaves, and all parts of plants (herbs), but of course there are procedures for processing them into drugs. And sometimes there are also people who take it with the technique as it is but this is not recommended because there are certain techniques to consume it.

While the properties contained in these plants are as follows:

1. Constipation / constipation
2. Rheumatism
3. Injured, wounded
4. Indigestion (dyspepsia)
5, Nausea and flatulence (meteorism)
6. Inflammation of the kidneys (nephritis)
7. Inflammation of Teng (pharyngitis)
8. Swollen gums
9. Hepatitis
10. Purulent skin inflammation (pyoderma), boils (furunculus)


While how to use it is quite easy by the way:

1. If you use it on external use, then what you do is simply use the iris plant and mash it and then attach it to the affected part or concerned.

2. Then if you consume it or use it in (drink): 3-15 grams of rhizome root or 15-30 grams of herbs, boil and drink the water. Of course with the cooking process. Then don't forget you check with the doctor closest to you.

It is recommended that you process the Iris carefully and according to the instructions that have been applied. Do not consume or overdo it because it is not good for health. Thus the explanation of Iris Flowers may be useful for its use. Thank you very much.

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