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Every country certainly has its own story from among its people, both stories are legendary and real, but it is history that knows the truth of a story. Indonesia has a variety of regions, tribes, and customs, so they have their own stories.


In books that are released by everyone, of course, it is very interesting every time we read, especially the story, there are events that have never happened in the present. Many interesting stories to follow, one of which is the story of Jaka Tarub and 7 Beautiful women. Legenda Jaka Tarub is one of the folklore that is enshrined in the popular New Javanese Literature, Babad Tanah Jawi which is very popular among the people.


In this history the story revolves around the life of the main character named Jaka Tarub ("youth of Tarub"). After adulthood he was dubbed Ki Ageng Tarub. Ki Ageng Tarub is a figure considered the ancestor of the dynasty of Mataram, a dynasty who ruled the Javanese politics, partly or entirely. Since the 17th century until now. According to community sources in Widodaren village, Gerih, Ngawi, this incident occurred in the village. As evidence of the local community believing because there was a review of Jaka Tarub's tomb in the village. However, every incident of course there is evidence that the story or history that has occurred has accurate evidence in justifying a story.


But what makes historians think differently is that the average elderly population knows the storyline of Jaka Tarub with 7 angels. So some people say that the story tells a true story, and some say it is a legend. The name Widodaren village is believed by the local community to come from the word widodari which means that in Indonesian is Biedadari. In this village there are also springs which are said to be places for bathing nymphs and Jaka Tarub takes a scarf from one of the nymphs. But for me the story is very interesting in the life of a young man who lived his life as a real man. In this post, the story is not mentioned, maybe next time it will be told. Thank you very much.

CameraCanon EF 14mm f/2.8 L II USM
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LocationSungai Widodari Indonesia
ThemesHistory or legend

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