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Hello Sereyans wherever you are ... How are you doing tonight? Of course you are all in good condition!

As mentioned before, Nature has a variety of content in it with a variety of creatures both at sea and land. Each of these regions has hidden uniqueness from animals in the water and above. One of them is seagulls. Speaking of its habitat, of course, we must first understand the animal. The things that we need to understand are their characteristics and then they are known for their uniqueness.


Marine experts say that, seagulls are birds that are still included in the Laridae family. This type of bird is still related to sea birds or often we hear Seagull. They are generally found in the ocean or on the shore, every country that has an ocean, of course there is this one bird, but the type varies both in type and shape and color. Then they are mostly in the genus Larus. The latest findings are known if Seagull is polyphylla, so several genera appear, these birds like to live in high places and they often move around.


You need to know that this one bird has a uniqueness or strength to see it very sharply. Every creature has eyes to see but the eyes of seagulls look beyond the sight of other birds. An expert said in his book entitled "Gull Eyes" in the 2013 issue of the second print in the book said "Bird eyes are similar to reptile eyes, have ciliary muscles that can change the shape of the lens of the eye faster and wider than the eyes of mammals". In seagulls, it has another feature in its eyes, namely in its eyes there are red oil droplets on the retinal cone cells. This organ serves to increase the contrast and sharpness of vision at a distance, especially in foggy conditions. So that even in foggy conditions, seagulls can see better than other birds or exceed similar animals or those who are still in one order with it.


We may have seen that seagulls generally follow sailboats or ships in the middle of the ocean looking for fish in the ocean. Or we see seagulls usually appear perched on sailboats or on boats because they want to let go of fatigue when they finish hunting fish. In the sense that the fishermen always see them in terms of seeing fish, if seagulls gather to dive into the water, of course there are lots of fish, so it becomes a guideline about fish so that the fishermen take the opportunity to dock at sea.


The speed of the gull's eyes in seeing fish is a guideline for fishermen to detect the presence of fish in sea water. The human eye is unable to penetrate the depths of the sea but seagulls are able to see at a deep depth. That's the review of the uniqueness of this bird. In conclusion, the speed of their eyes is very sharp and accurate. Hopefully what has been conveyed is useful.

CameraCanon EF 14mm f/2.8 L II USM
Taken By@ira
LocationTanjung Priok Indonesia
ThemesHis vision is very sharp and accurate

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