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This type of insect is named Butterfly. They are one type that undergoes many processes, because some experts conclude that butterflies are the first type of insect and grow out of their life cycle which begins with caterpillars which then undergo various phases. Then his life is based on a caterpillar, then turns into a cocoon. , so that finally he became a beautiful butterfly with a variety of colors loved by humans.


1. Caterpillar

When the butterfly perches on the leaf, it chooses the quality of healthy leaves to lay eggs and turn into larvae. Larvae are the phase where butterflies are still in the form of caterpillars. Sometimes people feel comfortable with caterpillars from butterfly eggs, and sometimes disgust at them even though He knows that beautiful butterflies will emerge from the caterpillar. But for farmers they don't like caterpillars because they will damage crops. When they become caterpillars, they become foliage eaters. This will happen for the caterpillar growth process, so it needs a lot of food to eat. The leaves chosen by butterflies are the best among all the leaves because He knows that the child will hatch in the form of a caterpillar to eat healthy leaves in the growth period.


2. Cocoon

From the egg phase it turns into a caterpillar, then after becoming a caterpillar, they will find a place and leaves that are suitable for wrapping themselves. Like a green or brown or red cocoon, this is intended to disguise themselves from the surrounding environment, but when the process is close, the cocoon package looks transparent. When viewed from the outside, this animal is meditating, but in the process of forming themselves into butterflies which are preparing themselves to become a beautiful butterfly.

Whereas the cocoon form itself and is neatly wrapped, usually made of fine and hard skin structure. Experts say that, the length of the formation itself depends on the type of species itself, but averages between 7 and 20 days. After a period of 7 to 20 days, then they will continue to the imago phase. And in the end he will remove himself from the cocoon sarong and become a beautiful butterfly.


3. Become a butterfly

After experiencing many processes as mentioned above, small and beautiful butterflies will emerge from the sarong of the cocoon that is ready to fly and will turn into an adult butterfly. And even the butterfly will do the same thing as its mother first. Butterflies are active animals during the day, so it will be very difficult to find butterflies at night. After turning into a butterfly, it can fly, but unlike birds that can fly very high, butterflies can only fly about 2-3 meters, which is quite low. Until he becomes an adult, change will occur again in their own lives. This is a brief review of the metamorphosis of butterfly insects. Thank you very much.

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