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Grasshopper is a type of plant-eating insect whose presence can harm plant farmers. So farmers consider it to be the main enemy, this happens because grasshoppers often eat the surrounding plants. But did you know behind all that there are benefits to the human body if you often eat grasshoppers.


Ancient people often ate grasshoppers, so we thought what they did. Apparently grasshoppers can also be consumed by humans because they have many health benefits, and are rich in nutrients in meat. Grasshoppers which are usually consumed or processed are grasshoppers that usually live in rice fields and eat leaves, especially agricultural crops. While the meat is very tasty in the grasshopper's thighs, while the other parts are very minimal with the meat.


Experts say in a book called "Annoying Animals" in the 1999 edition of the second edition. It was explained that the ingredients contained in the grasshopper's body include calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese and copper. With this nutrient rich content, of course this grasshopper has many benefits for humans. If someone often consumes it. Let's see the benefits:

1. Bones are getting healthier

For humans The need for calcium is very necessary to maintain bone health. Calcium contained in grasshopper meat also needs to be relied upon, as well as an effort to prevent osteoporocytes or porous bones. Even though there are other substitutes for bone health today, grasshopper meat has natural calcium.

2. Repair damaged muscle cells

Humans can not be separated from things or activities in work, so sometimes due to the hard work of getting damaged muscle cells, then another benefit of grasshopper meat is repairing damaged muscle cells due to heavy work or exercise. So it's no wonder ancient people often ate grasshoppers.

3. Anemia sufferers

Humans also often experience symptoms of low blood pressure. So consuming grasshopper meat can help from healing anemia. Anemia can be said as a type of minor illness, but if left unchecked it will certainly interfere with daily activities. This disease is usually characterized by dizziness, weakness, lethargy, fatigue, and easily tired. By consuming grasshopper meat your disease will be resolved soon if you regularly consume it, yes, but you check it if you feel better than the disease.

4. Improve the immune system

What is more important for humans is being able to survive the disease or the body has an anti-body from virus attacks. So in grasshopper meat can overcome it because the zinc content in grasshoppers can meet our body's daily needs, zinc has a function as an immune system or increase our immunity from various attacks of bacteria and viruses. Then in addition to fulfilling zinc needs by taking a multivitamin, an animal method can also be obtained, one of them from grasshoppers as we mentioned above.

There are so many benefits found in grasshopper meat even though there are also disadvantages caused by this type of insect as mentioned above.It turns out that grasshoppers besides being able to harm plant farmers are also beneficial to the human body.Thus a brief explanation of the benefits of grasshopper meat and there may also be other benefits that I do not know.That's all and thank you very much.

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