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Hello Sereyan... How are you doing this tonight. Of course you are all in the Serey.io community in pleasant conditions!

Water guava plants We have begun to flower and soon bear fruit as usual. Guava plants We grow on our front yard which has been around for 7 years. Of course you also have, right?


Water guava plants that grow in my yard are water guava plants. He is a plant in the tribe of guava or Myrtaceae originating from Southeast Asia. Water guava is actually different from Jambu Semarang (Syzygium samarangense), a close relative who has almost similar trees and fruit. Some cultivars are even difficult to distinguish, so they are often named with the common name guava or guava. Guava is easily planted and cultivated anywhere, and the maintenance is very easy, the core of this guava tree watering it every day and will flower and bear fruit throughout the year.


In one of the first editions of the book entitled "Producing Plants" in 2000, he explained at length and I drew some conclusions when I concluded that other names were ayer mawar guava (Malaysia), jambee ie (Aceh) guava (Minang .), Jambu bijicai (Sunda.), Guava (Java.), Jhambhu wir (Medan.), Nyambu er (Belawan.), Kumpas, kumpasa, kombas, kembes (language in North Sulawesi), jambu salo (Sulawesi selatan) , Guava waelo, kuputol waelo, lutune waele, kopo olo (various languages ​​in the province and surrounding areas), and others. Also buttons of guava (Nusantara.), For small fruit cultivars. And there are still many names for this plant throughout Indonesia, but the plants are the same.


Likewise with other countries, of course, they speak their own language, as is well known, guava is known as machom phupa or chomphu pa (Thailand), tambis (Philippines.), Bell fruit, water apple (English l.) And etc. But the essence of everything is in the same plant. Such is the explanation of the diversity of languages ​​dubbed as objects of all regions. Thank you very much.

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LocationKampung Dalam, Tangerang Indonesia
ThemesA different name for this one plant

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