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Of all the types of insects found in this world there is only one type of insect that is most favored by humans so experts examine their lives from the past to the present. Butterflies are loved by everyone, both children and adults. This happens because this one insect is very beautiful and charming. The beauty of his body and the colors possessed by these insects make everyone want to play with him and there are also those who maintain it and some even trace their lives. I personally also like them very much, because in my opinion they are one of the very cute and beautiful animals especially when he is flying. So I personally often take pictures and make them as a collection of very satisfying images.


But behind the beauty of his body it turns out he comes from a caterpillar who is very disgusted / amused when we see it from the beginning. Butterflies are a type of insect whose life cycle undergoes metamorphosis in 4 stages, from eggs that hatch to caterpillars and then covered with cocoons in the form of cocoons and finally the last phase turns into a very beautiful butterfly. Indonesia is the country that has the most diversity of butterflies after Brazil. butterflies in our country and until now continue to grow in species from small butterflies to large butterflies so experts call them (Elephant Butterflies / Atlas Batterfly). They are in the Nation into the Order of Lapidoptera and it is called diurnal insects or active during the day.


Then it concerns its existence or its habitat spreads in all regions from gardens, city parks, mountains, forests and almost all land areas in Indonesia. Almost every day we can see this butterfly which is indeed a very large population and maybe millions in number. keep the environment where we live because that's where the Butterfly spends its time to breed. Maybe if you look carefully, you will most likely find a new type of them because the population is very large around your place of residence.


It is not impossible that a beautiful butterfly will disappear without a trace if the atmosphere of our region is polluted with pollution, so that the damaged and polluted environment will remove the presence of butterflies, while the beautiful and green environment will always be visited by this beautiful Creature of God. beautiful creatures This happy step we witness the expanse of green gardens with flowers blooming and the existence of Butterflies that add to that beauty. One example is the butterfly found in this post, how beautiful it is to fly and perch on beautiful flower plants so that those who see it will be happy and happy. For that, let us take care of our environment so that the atmosphere of our area becomes beautiful so that the butterflies are still with us.

Beautiful creatures created by God
Photo locationKebun Bunga Bekasi Indonesia
Taken by@ira
Date of collectionMonday, December 2018
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