SEREY, when can wages be exchanged for money?

6 months ago


I don't really understand the development of the serey platform. as well as good writing procedures.
lately I am starting to get confused with the development of the serey application which is my question when developing a serey platfrorm will be like steemit and how to receive wages that we can exchange with currencies. when will it happen.?

in the wallet there are only serey and serey powers, so why aren't there steem dollars in the wallet like steemit. When is the development of this serey good so that we can exchange wages with currency?

Saya belum begitu memahami dengan perkembangan serey platform. begitu juga dengan tata cara penulisan yang baik. akhir ini saya mulai bingung dengan pengembangan aplikasi serey, yang menjadi pertanyan saya kapan pengembangan serey platfrorm akan seperti steemit dan bagaimana cara menerima upah yang dapat kita tukar dengan mata uang. kapan itu akan terjadi..?

Di dompet hanya ada kekuatan serey dan serey, jadi mengapa tidak ada dolar steem di dompet seperti steemit. Kapan perkembangan serey ini bagus sehingga kita bisa menukar upah dengan mata uang?

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They said not that long back it be ready within 6 weeks and serey doest need to make serey dollars because it not really going to effect what you earn. Whaleshare does not have whale dollars and it doing just fine.


@liaminit, thank you for the information, after 6 weeks, what do we expect if wages cannot be exchanged for currency?


There is a serey market place that is in development which you can buy products with serey coins. If the market not available after 6 weeks i would imagine it would be released a few weeks down the line with explanation why it has been delayed. If you want more information you can contact the serey team on facebook.


okay thanks for the information..

Please check @timelocker's blog. You will know more about Serey.

Nyan bear jih kajeut publoe jinoe.

Nyan yang bereh that2.. neu daftar aju !