Beauty Women's Long Neck Karen Village is so unique and charming

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Not a few but almost all women want to look beautiful, even some women do plastic surgery to look beautiful, see the election of Princess Indonesia or Miss Indonesia, all look beautiful and charming, but not for women of Burmese (Myanmar) descent who live in Long Neck Karen Village, Chiang Rai, Thailand. Reaching this settlement can be through Chiang Rai, Thailand's northernmost province, Chiang Rai at 11,879 km.q, which is the border province of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. The distance from Bangkok is around 830 km or 180 km from Chiang Mai they have a unique and charming natural beauty @gibran

The uniqueness of this village has existed since 20 years ago in Thailand with more than 200 inhabitants, this Burmese descendant lives in 5 villages in the mountains, which consist of the Akha, Iu Mien (Yao), Lahu (Muser), Palong (Big twins) and Kayan (Long Neck) which is often called Long Neck Karen which is different from other villages @gibran


Enjoy the diversity of this place along with a day tour group from Chiang Mai. When choosing the perfect tour to ensure that the tour will visit this village, because this village is one of the mandatory places for me to visit.Actually the village is normal, it is very commercial because the village is very dependent on tourists. But the village atmosphere and the people are very simple, kind and friendly. They did not force us to buy. Full of smiles and never mind to be invited to take pictures, not asking for compensation. I am very impressed with the hospitality and simplicity of the residents who are always polite and friendly towards their visitors @gibran


Visiting the long neck village is one of a series of local tours to Chiang Rai at a cost of THB 1000 (departing from Chiang Mai). At the front of the village visited there were Akha tribes from China who wore traditional clothes and sold souvenirs, after passing through this place and walking a little inside, we also met the Karen tribe (long neck), which was seen only by women Long-necked men are weaving to make scarves sold on each stall. Visiting tourists can take pictures with them. Generally they are very familiar with tourists, aged women are a little indifferent to welcome tourists, young girls greet with sweet smiles, children friendly with tourists hand in the photo. Karen tribal women have been wearing neck bracelets since children and the length of neck bracelets has increased with age. Their residence is around the lapak location, but it is not open for visits. A Karen tribe child can offer souvenirs that are sold in mandarin, my son also gave one silver bracelet with elephant ornaments (which turned out to be cheaper than the same bracelet price at Chiang Mai night market). Rural and mountainous and ethnic minority views make this visit very memorable and a perfect moment for every visitor @gibran




Historically, in the late 1980s and early 1990s the long neck tribes who were native to Burma migrated to the Thai border and settled in Mae Hong Son, because of the military regime conflict that was taking place in Burma, we are now more familiar with Burma Myanmar.The tribe of Karen's long neck began to wrap the chain around her neck since they were 5 years old, and the weight of the necklace could reach 5 kilograms. Not without reason the Karen tribe women wrapped the heavy chain around their necks. for them, wrapping a chain around the neck shows the beauty and identity of their tribe.I was curious about whether their neck was really naked? It turns out that the neck that looks elongated is actually just an illusion of the eye, because their neck is not elongated, but their shoulder bones are decreased due to the pressure of the neck bracelet which increases one year. The more mature a person is, the more the chain winds around his neck. So do not be surprised if you see the Karen tribe woman who has aged, the ring is more and more and his neck looks more elongated.I am quite curious, how it feels to wear a bracelet on the neck. Certainly not comfortable because as I see, their movements are limited. To look around was very difficult, even someone slipped a cloth between the yellow copper coils because the skin of his neck had started to blister. To ward off curiosity, I asked the guide to put on a neck bracelet that had been prepared specifically for tourists. It is different from the use of traditional methods of tribal long neck, where the bracelet must be wrapped around the neck. For tourists the neck bracelet only looks wrapped around the front, while behind it is a rope to be tied and attached to the neck. Although the way to use it is easier, I still find it very difficult to move my neck. Apart from limited movements, it turns out the bracelet is also very heavy. I can't imagine how many of these long neck tribes wear bracelets in their necks in carrying out various activities in their daily lives @gibran




The struggle of Karen tribe women in maintaining tradition in the midst of modernization at this time made us amazed. A brief meeting with the Karen tribe makes every visitor appreciate the culture of each tribe and the term being beautiful is painful, maybe not excessive but a perfect uniqueness @gibran

Feel free to leave me if you have any comments.I hope this year brings nothing but the best !!!Photo by @gibran/ OPPO A57camera

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