The causes of climate change and the harmful aspects of the environment

5 months ago

Natural causes of climate change

There are many natural causes of climate change. One of the main ones is the continental drift, or the continental shelter, volcanic eruptions, ocean currents and 'Arthaus Tilt' or the Earth's tilt.



Scientists say that this world has been destroyed 13 times, again filled with biography. The main reason for the destruction of the world so far is climate change. Nature's contribution is behind it. Volcanic eruptions starting from volcanic eruptions - the balance of the Earth has been lost for many reasons.


★Continental drift 'or continental drift:

When the earth's surface began to leave a little bit, the continent gradually created the continent. Millions of years ago the continent was born in this process. This move or leave of soil has changed the location of the water bodies of the earth's surface and has changed, sea water and winds. These changes have an impact on the climate. Even today this continental Saran continues.



When there is a volcanic eruption, a large amount of sulfur dioxide gas, water vapor, dust and ashes evaporates into the atmosphere. Although the evacuation of the volcano lasts for only a few days, due to the abundance of gas and ashes, it has long been adverse to nature and causes climate change. Gases and dust prevents the normal sunlight coming in the surface, so the climate becomes very cold.

★'Arthus Tilt' or the world's tilt

The earth is in its vertical 23.50 angle with its vertical plane. Changing the Earth's tilt has a great effect on the climate. The climate holds extreme size. Leaning more means that the summer season is even more hot and colder and colder. Less swap means that it is hot in summer and cold in winter.


★Ocean currents

The sea has a major role in the climate system. The sea has 71 percent of the Earth's surface. The sun radiates twice as much sun than the atmosphere of the ocean.


Finally, I will say that to maintain the balance of the environment, it is our duty to resist the causes of climate change and I think that the environment is beautiful and we should get to greater extent to protect them from the harmful effects of climate change.

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