Serey Error GOOD or BAD

5 months ago



Because Serey is now very popular among international users that joins serey, becoming members, and posting a lot of articles during the days.


Serey has reached the limit of handling transactions that cause the downtime, lost of articles, and effect user experience


Higher capacity to handle the transactions is needed, that's why the CALL FOR WITNESS has begin

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How to be the witness?


The instruction will be available soon from @timelocker


Please, join us this Saturday for a workshop on how to set up a witness:


Thanks information
Join to witness workshop

Everything will be fine! Good luck!

Very extraordinary information that you deliver. I am amazed at you and serey is this new platform. so many are currently registering. But there is one party that has not been responded to by registration.

I was also surprised to see when my second article disappeared and my reputation dropped. Apparently this is the problem.