The Driftwood Along Our Shores

2 months ago


All around the world, there is a multitude of resources for creative thinking and ideas for making many items from windchimes to candle holders, furniture, frames etc... not only can this be done as a hobby but also as a business.

A Business with very little cost for materials as your main material could be The Driftwood Along Our Shores? but it does n`t stop there being creative and using the beaches around the world there are items like Sand, Sea Glass, Shells, Pebbles and plastic as we all know we all need to do our bit to get rid of our plastic from our oceans.


I have come across some very simple creative ideas while looking into and researching this topic, I first thought about this when walking the nearest beaches to were I live which is New Brighton On the opposite side of the River to Liverpool it also takes me down towards the beaches to the mouth of the River Dee. Here are some ideas below.


A simple hanger for coats or towels but looks stunning - To have that thought of wondering what journey that little piece of wood has been on to get to the point you collected it from the beach?


Simple to make this beautiful windchime




The ideas are endless and will stop when your creative mind stops.

driftwood 004.JPG

By adding smaller pieces of driftwood and dropping them into a glass bowl or vase maybe with shells or pebbles at the bottom has a certain beauty about it and also a value of more than the price of the bowl or vase alone, and does not stop there.




I would say driftwood and sea glass is my favorite and again sea glass can be used for picture frames jewelry, bowls, wind chimes and much more.


All down to the genius of the human brain, your brain, your thoughts your ideas, your hands.

Thank you all.... hope you enjoyed my post... Let's all clean up the plastic that is polluting our oceans.
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