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6 months ago
in serey

All good!

Today I ran into a little trouble, my post got flags due to the fact that I posted here on serey my post previously posted on one of my blogs on another site, namely steemit. But since there is another username I was suspected of plagiarism.

But I'm not a bit upset, I believe the correct such a serious approach to combating plagiarism. It was not difficult for me to take a photo and prove that I am me and my texts and photos are unique and copyrighted. Here is station and the very photo


So friends in order to avoid misunderstandings advise everyone who has blogs with different names, in advance to pass this simple, but as it turned out very necessary procedure.

Thank you for attention!

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What I see here is that content creators get rewards for their quality content. But if someone plagiarizes, that person's post gets flag. It is a good thing.

Yes, it is difficult to verify two writers are the same person if the name is different. In that case, someone can verify that like you did. Or, she/he can share the link of your original post what that is posted again in another platform.

We will start to look into canonical links after our developers have finished developing the priority apps of Serey first.

To learn more about canonical links:


Thank you I have read.

I personally strongly agree with your opinion, I give a different name in every media based on crypro currency because of what I fear as you say. Keep your friend on the right side.

I also join golos, and use the whaleshares platform with the same name,
Do you join the whaleshares platform as well ???


I do not have their tokens whaleshares for paid registration, and I do not need a blog there, there I allowed the girl to publish my posts from her blog))

Sorry for the incident dear. I believe the appropriate authority has taken note of this now.


It's okay, it's the right decision on the part of the organizers of the platform, I myself write and publish only my personal texts, and it was not difficult for me to prove my authenticity))