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2 months ago
Hi Sereyan is good! Today I am in the center of Indonesia, precisely the heart of the city, namely the City of Jakarta. I was in town to visit my cousin who was studying in the data verification phase. Exactly Friday night March 14 2019 at 10.15. I circled the City while taking the opportunity to photograph skyscrapers at night.


Among the photos I photograph is only one photo that I think is very beautiful while the other photos are not good or beautiful. Skyscrapers in the city center are one of the characteristics of the Indonesian state. Nearly 85% of the buildings in this city are skyscrapers (a term adopted by the residents of Jakarta), while the remaining 20% ​​are still formed houses and shophouses that are used as the center of the people's economy.


In the 20-40s the city of Jakarta was regarded as known as the Old Batavia (Oud Batavia), was a small area in Jakarta, Indonesia. This special region has an area of ​​1.3 square kilometers across North Jakarta and West Jakarta (Pinangsia, Taman Sari and Roa Malacca) in the area. Then dubbed the "Asian Gem" and "Queen of the East" in the 16th century by European sailors, Jakarta Lama was considered the trade center for the Asian continent because of its strategic location and abundant resources. So as to attract the attention of world citizens who are in Europe and Asia.


When the era or period changes, Jakarta gradually, formerly referred to as "Batavia" changes to Jakarta. Changes in the atmosphere of the city changed drastically, so far the city of Jakarta is a very densely populated city. Then the residents outside Java said that the City was the busiest city in Indonesia.

In my visit this time to City, I was able to add insight to me so that I better understood the customs and culture of Jakarta City. Thank you very much.

Kota Jakarta
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Photo LocationJakarta Indonesia
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