Scattered sunlight

2 months ago
When I was in the 3rd grade of high school, the physics teacher often said "Don't look at the sun with the naked eye but have to use a tool." In essence the sun is white! Experts say white is a polychromatic color, meaning it is composed of various colors which blend together and appear as white. But why does it look on earth with a variety of colors.


If you see one of the natural phenomena such as "Pelangi" then you will see a variety of colors, this is because the rainbow is actually the light of the Sun which is scattered by grains of rainwater. If indeed the sun of the sun is white then why do we sometimes see the sun yellow-orange, when the sun rises or sets? So to find out the answer the experts explained that sunlight is caused due to the presence of the Earth's atmosphere which causes the decomposition and scattering of light differently or is affected by certain wavelengths.


As you have seen and known, that the rainbow is composed of several colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, which experts say is a spectrum of light. The blue-indigo-purple spectrum is the spectrum at the short wavelength of the sun.

The light spectrum at short wavelengths is more easily scattered, compared to the red-orange-yellow color, which is at a longer wavelength.

So with this process there is a result, when the sun rises / sets, that is, when the Sun is closer to the horizon, the path of the sun's light towards the absorbent will go through a longer path to the Earth's atmosphere medium, so that the scattering process occurs more. As a result, the sun will be absorbed, and the more immersed it will be the more red the color will be when viewed from the direction we see.


In contrast to the position of the sun just coming out or going to sunset, resulting in red or orange. So when the Sun is above the head, when the trajectory of light through the Earth's atmospheric medium is shorter, the more scattered light is blue light compared to other colors (red, orange or other) so as a result the sky is blue, it occurs due to scattering, while the Sun is perceived as white-yellowish. You can see it in the picture in this post. How yellow and red or orange is this natural color when the sun comes out or sinks.

The color that is visible in the earth is really very beautiful even though it is different in color, but every color that is emitted has a certain beauty to be enjoyed by human children. Beautiful is this nature because nature is a gift from the creator. Thank you very much.

TitelScattered sunlight
CameraCanon EOS 60D
LensEF-S18-200mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS
Setting1/100 / 5.6 / FL 110.0 mm / ISO 640
Location photoBogor Indonesia
Taken by@rinjani
Source of knowledgeCiting expert words and author experience

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