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Hi Sereyan...


Of course, we have found every flower that looks beautiful and has a lot of flowers made a bouquet or decoration at party events. Apparently, besides being beautiful and romantic there are meanings stored on each flower that not everyone knows necessarily. It's good we know the meaning behind the beauty of flowers so as not to choose the flower when you want to give it to someone.


The flowers contained in this post are said to be carnation or carnation flowers used to make flower arrangements and symbolize a mother's affection. Similar to roses and lilies, this one flower also has various colors with different meanings. White means deep gratitude, pink means a mother's eternal love for her child while the yellow color denotes rejection. So, if you want to order flower arrangements don't choose the color of this carnation flower. However, the interest contained in my post is a pink flower while the other colors are not uploaded in this post.


Various names nicknamed for this one flower, in the city of Medan are given the name "Bunga Japun" and in our area nicknamed "Carnation" and of course in other countries also give a different name.


Then come back again. We like the statement above that interest can be represented according to the situation in a place. People all over the world all the time exchange flowers to receive the symbol of happiness, longing, devotion and love. The language of flowers is a very unique thing and does not need words. Cheerful laughter, happiness, happiness, hope and love symbolized are extraordinary things. This will turn an ordinary day into a historic day. This will be an unforgettable memory in the history of human life itself.

CameraMI Note 9 + macro lensa
Taken By@ira
LocationBekasi Indonesia
ThemesFlowers as an expression of feeling

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