Benefits and uses of pine trees on the beach

2 months ago

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At present a beach around Malikussaleh, North Aceh some time ago. I am delighted to be impressed with the pine trees that are on the edge of the sea. The existence of these trees really makes the atmosphere of the beach feel cool and comfortable

I spend more time under the pine trees spending playing on the beach, cool. In my opinion, it is very suitable to make the location of pine trees as a gathering place with the closest people, whether it's eating together, roasting chicken, etc


In addition to providing a comfortable and cool atmosphere, pine trees also have their own functions when planted in coastal areas

Some of the benefits are:

Prevent beach abrasion.

Evergreen trees have excellent resistance to seawater and strong wind shocks. For this reason, many cypress trees are planted on the coast to "hold" seawater if a tide occurs. In fact, because of its very strong durability, pine trees are able to withstand tsunami waves. That is, planting pine trees on the coast can save many lives

Soothing the coast.

This is clear. High-growth evergreen trees have shady leaves, creating a cool and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, the charm of the scenery presented by pine trees also has a beauty that spoils the eyes

Fertilize the soil.

Evergreen trees have very thick and shady leaves, when the leaves are aging and dry, they will fall to the ground. The very large loss of pine leaves becomes humus and makes the soil fertile


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