7 months ago

It looks like I have lost my last post posted yesterday 7 November 2018...!!!

is this a network error, or is there a failure on the serey server ???

Yesterday I reached level 69 and now back to level 68 because of missing posts, is it in the period of improvement and achievement I can come back like yesterday?


Please help and explain what I experienced ... !!!


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Hi, the past weeks we have seen rapid growth on Serey. This is good for us. However, it has also led to servers going down as they did not fulfill the requirements anymore to cope with the amount of data. We have updated the servers to cope with the growth and to prevent this from happening again. This Saturday, we will add several new servers as well.

I'm sorry, but it also means that the data (post, comment, upvotes etc.) are gone.


this is really very unfortunate, but also an unavoidable thing, hopefully in the future the serey server can develop better and its users also increase, thank you for the information.


Working on stabilizing the networks, and giving out calls for witnesses to make the network more robust. Thank you for your understanding. :)

Btw: it's great to see you're level 70 now.


thank you @timelocker, the thing I like most about the serey platform is that developers can respond quickly to questions from new users of the serey platform, and with the response from developers we feel very helped by the information they provide ... thanks for your help and support .