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3 months ago

Hi, all Serey friends wherever you are. How are you doing this afternoon? Hopefully always in pleasant conditions !!!

The wild plants posted on my post are those that grow on the roadside, people in our area often call it "Creptyion Plant," which is almost similar to Lantana Cemara (Lantana camara). This green plant has a small shape clustered in one stalk and sometimes has two or three adjacent fruits.


If you pay attention to this one plant, it is no stranger to you and is very easy to find, such as in rice fields or on the roadside, and sometimes on the banks of rivers. Sometimes also found growing wild on the side of the road and cliffs on the edge of a steep hill. While I found this young green plant on a cliff in the area of ​​Bukit Kota Bekasi, Jakarta, Indonesia. This plant with a spruce-like Jeumpa shape can reach 1 meter but does not grow tall but spreads sideways, but the fruit of this plant is spiny and some are hairy and will stick with your cloth when walking around them.


This wild plant does not contain its beauty if you notice, there is no one type of insect perched on this plant. It is not known whether these plants can be beneficial to human health or can be dangerous, because no one has examined the efficacy of this plant. But in my opinion this plant is often used as a nest for other crawling animals, such as snakes, monitor lizards, and other reptiles. In general, every plant that is often visited by bees is certainly beneficial to humans. This can be concluded because bees have the instinct to know which plants are toxic or not. However, this plant is very comfortable for reptile animals themselves.


But in this wild plant there is something that can cause mild itching for human skin when touched, but it is not dangerous this may be due to fine thorns that stick to the skin of the plant. Thus a brief explanation of this wild plant. At least this plant is very beautiful when you take a photo. Hopefully it's useful for all of us. Thank you very much.

CameraMI Note 4
Taken By@ira
LocationBekasi, Indonesia
ThemesWild plants

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Maybe Cambodian called it "ka ger" . Just my thinking.


Right, man. Each region calls it a different name.


But I am not sure that it is or not. :-)


What you say is very true, each region has a different name