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Hello everyone!

If you explore the world of insects, whether in the form that can fly or insects of the type found on the ground, it is certainly very unique in it. For example, like the types of flying insects and winged insects, they have many varieties, and although one sequence is different, for example in insectivorous butterflies, they also have differences in the shape or characteristics found between each other.


Among the insects contained in an order such as butterflies and moths The most obvious difference between them is in the way they eat and rest, or the antennae. Most butterflies have an antenna shaped like a filament or almost like a stick at the end. On the other hand, moths often have antennas such as combs or feathers. This difference is the basis for Lepidoptera - Rhopalocera, as in the review of my previous post.


In general it can be concluded that many moths have a frenulum which is a filament that arises from the rear wing and pairs with thorns on the front wing, we often see it when paying attention to it in detail.


Then the Frenulum contained in him can only check whether there are specimens that we find carefully and thoroughly. Some moths have a front wing lobe called Jugum which helps in their rear wing flapping. A reasonable puzzle in this structure is the real condition that is in it when you look closely.


As I mentioned before, it's very interesting if you track their activities in detail. So after we have searched closely and in detail, one conclusion is very useful, especially for experts, because for one common reason we find a common answer. Hopefully what has been conveyed is useful. Thank you very much.

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