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Today we will glance at one of God's creatures in the form of insects in the form of bees, bees are one type of insect that has group life and is the largest colony after ants. How extraordinary bees make them life examples for humanity. Actually Bees help humans enjoy pollination results for fruiting plants. Not only honey can be enjoyed but thanks to its pollination activities. We can enjoy the types of apples to durians and even more plants found in this world.


In general, humans know that bees produce honey. However, honey bee populations can be human because they use more plant pesticides or because climate change makes the pollination land lost because buildings built safer from green and green plantations will need our food supply. Flowering plants become an important part of the process of pollinating honey bees, flowers in the yard, flowers on the plantation, until the flowers in the forest are the favorite plants of honeybees. This incident often we look at the life of the bee that is around us. Actually the presence of bees is very beneficial for human life. As an example of honey produced by bees can be utilized by humans. While the presence of bees can accelerate the development of plants around them.


In a book titled "Taming Flowers: Bringing Beauty and Natural Magnificence to Grow in Your Own Backyard" by Miriam Goldberger, he said in a book that says that quoting 75% of the food we eat results from pollinating the bees themselves. Strengthened by several experts in this regard that almost 70% of food foods come from plants pollinated by bees.


As quoted from one of the social media about honeybees, they said that since 2006 it has proven a decline in bee colonies, as questioned in the United States as much as 31 percent of bee colonies have increased by the end of 2013. Maybe we prefer to see honeybees enriched because it has a dose of land for bee colonies to perch, isn't the yard of the house a simple solution by planting flowers that are needed to seek food and pollinate. Because in the end besides helping the community, it supports the world's food needs. Based on some of the points above, it can be concluded that the presence of bees is very helpful for the sustainability of plants which are ultimately utilized by humans. Thus a brief exposure to this type of insect. Hopefully what has been delivered is useful. Thank you very much.


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ThemesIts presence besides helping plants can also help humans

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