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5 months ago

Hello Friends of Serey ... How are you doing tonight? Of course all of you are always in a pleasant situation huh?

Of course tonight is in very good condition? On this occasion I will invite you to see our pet, in the form of a fish that we maintained about 6 months ago. If you look at the picture in this post, you might think that this fish is in the vast ocean with a very deep depth, but actually this fish is not in the sea but in our aquarium.

When I was a little around 7 years old, my parents lived in one of the small cities in the province of Aceh, namely Kota Lhokseumawe, before we settled in Jakarta, Indonesia. Incidentally, our residence is close to the coast. I often see these fish from traditional trawlers. The name of this fish was named by the people of Aceh as "Bukum Fish". The fishing community there has never eaten this one fish because according to the information the fishermen are poisonous if they are not good at processing it.


This Bukum fish lives in the seas near the coast about 300 meters from the shoreline, these fish are always found in traditional fishing trawlers when they operate. This means that this fish is very much in the country, but unfortunately the people there do not want to take it for the reasons mentioned above.


As far as I know, these fish live in salt water and will die if we put it in fresh water. However, I was very surprised to see this Bukum fish sold in the Jakarta City market in their aquarium, living in fresh water. My curiosity is increasing. Finally we bought this fish and we kept it for almost 6 months. Our Bukum fish are getting bigger and we like it very much. Bukum fish is very beautiful and beautiful when we see it every time, and he is very enthusiastic in the aquarium when given food.


According to information from ornamental fish traders, basically these fish come from the sea or are in salt water, but they have cultivated and made it freshwater fish, of course with certain techniques that I do not know. So it is not surprising that Bukum fish can live in fresh water and become ornamental fish.


Bukum fish is already very popular among ornamental fish lovers.The cool shapes and colors that he has are very beautiful with varied colors.In Japan this one fish is often consumed even in fish restaurants, it is always available.Of course they know how to get rid of the toxins contained in these fish.But we still don't dare to consume it because we are afraid of the things mentioned above.Thus ... Exposure to our aquarium fish collection may be useful for those of you who read it.Thank you very much.

CameraMI Note 4+Landscape
Taken By@ira
LocationBekasi, Indonesia
ThemesBukum Fish


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