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Since ancient times until now humans have always been hostile to pest attacks, especially for farmers who grow their crops. Like a group of insects that eat their agricultural crops. This is caused by pests. Pests / Bugs are organisms that are considered harmful and undesirable in everyday human activities. Even though it can be used for all organisms, in practice this term is most often used only for animals and sometimes there are also other names whose purpose is an attack that destroys something.


If there are animals in the form of insects or animals and others can also be called pests if they cause damage to natural ecosystems or become agents of the spread of disease in human habitat. An example is an organism that becomes a disease factor for humans, such as mice and flies that carry various outbreaks, or mosquitoes that become a malaria factor, so this is what is said to be the cause of damage or the cause of damage, in terms of farmers referred to as pests. So the pest that is the enemy of farmers is Bugs.


For farmers either on plantations or otherwise are plant pest organisms that cause physical damage, and into it all practically animals that cause losses in agriculture. However, in general, damaging farmers' crops is a type of insect that we often call Bug. If they are present in the middle of a plant that is being cultivated by farmers, these plants will be damaged and the results of their plantations are called crop failures.


This type of insect contained in my post is one type of insect called insect Bugs, its existence if not prevented properly can destroy plants that are being cultivated by farmers. In agriculture, the term "pest free" is also used as an equivalent to the word "sterile" in the sense that it is free from the causes of contamination from all pest attacks.

That's all this brief explanation, hopefully what I have said is useful for all of us. Thank you very much.

CameraCanon EF 14mm f/2.8 L II USM
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