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The color is pink, the leaves resemble paper, and there are also white, red, and yellow, the name given is Paper Flowers or Bungenvile. This one flower is very beautiful when it blooms, especially after the rain, so this flower will grow and develop in accordance with desired expectations.


Bungenville or Paper Flowers are plants that are classified into ornamental plants popular with flower lovers. The uniqueness that he has is a stem overgrown with flowers, the shape is a small tree that is difficult to grow upright like other plants. Its beauty comes from its brightly colored flowers and attracts attention because it grows with its lush throughout the trunk. Flowers that grow almost every tree trunk is overgrown with flowers. These flower beds are often considered a part of the flower, although the correct interest is a small flower that is protected by the sheath itself.



This Bungevile plant is very easy to find everywhere both on the home page and in the wilderness because its maintenance is easy, it does not require a long time because this plant species is very suitable to be planted in tropical and equatorial regions such as Indonesia.


Especially in our area of ​​Jakarta City This flower can grow up to 10 meters in height. The stem of the flower plant is rather hard, has sharp thorns and branches. The breeding also only requires a stem that is sown in plastic bags or pots in an easy way. Then in our area this plant is made as a fence of houses.


This is done because these plants also have dense tendrils, wide leaves and tapered shapes that are able to form staples in the area of ​​the yard or also as hedgerows in attractive areas, even if planted within a distance of about half a meter then it will grow in line like a fence that is innovated.

Bougenville flowers are ornamental plants that are very popular in every country and are popular with women. That's what we can say and thank you very much.

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