Daily Quote Reflection #33

2 months ago

Daily Quote Reflection #33

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Today's #quote-reflection

You do not write your life with words... You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do. ~ by: Patrick Ness

Actions they say speaks greatly and louder than words. Life is not about talking, it not about saying this and that. It is about putting all that has been said into action. That is what life is all about. We can make life more better and enjoying by not just talking and making noise always about ourselves but by putting every word that comes out of our mouth into action. Life is not better and will never be better for talkatives.

No! It's always wonderful for those who take it upon themselves to put their lives on the line by putting every word that came from their mouth into action. They are the kind of people success saw. Success saw and embraced those who saw each word that came out of their mouth as an opportunity to make things better for themselves and the people around them. They saw success and they took it by just speaking less and working hard, that is, putting their words into action.

They realised that pretty early and took advantage of that. Because success comes to those who prove themselves by actions and not by words. That is what life is all about. If you want then go and grab it, all you need to do is to shut that mouth of yours and start something now, that is what will make you a hero not by common words. You and I can do better all we need to do is to take it upon ourselves now and be what we really want to be. We can do this by speaking less and acting more. That is the secret to good success.

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