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5 months ago



To all serey friends and families am pleased to inform of the creation of a serey discord server.

With this server all serey subscriber can now post their post link for upvote.

NOTE: There will not be an automatic upvote

This server is indeed on a testing program of a better discord server.
We are waiting for serey to release API so that an auto- upvote can work on the server.

We all can for now enjoy the server.

The upvote will be done by two strong members of serey. Name not disclose I'm one.

The tag to use is supportserey-io but for now it will not be necessary since we are testing it.
The discord server link is

 Thanks for visiting
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discord link not working


Maybe has expired


i will love to help build the discord group to grow
Pls i will like to be one of the admin.

Nice, that you have created a Serey discord. But "automatic upvotes" are are a bad idea. That ruins the platform as the curation process doesn't work anymore.


Ok thanks for the info

Hi. Please help me get the discord link again. This one has expired. Thanks