Our government is ahead in popularity

2 months ago


Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's popularity is much more than former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said Awami League Presidium member and Agriculture Minister Dr. Abdur Razzak

In the meeting of the Parliament Speaker on Sunday, he said this in a discussion about the offer of thanks.

Abdur Razzak said that Bangladesh's state-of-the-art Sheikh Hasina has secured 26th place in the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the year 2018. And for Hillary Clinton, who put the World Bank behind us, we have been corrupted, to put on us the corruption of corruption. Hillary Clinton was among the first three, now she has gone back to 100. "


Agriculture Minister said that the effect of his (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) influence is so great that in March 2016, in the view of the United States Foreclosure Magazine, he is ranked 10th among the world's top local leaders. She is said to be the only female leader among OIC member states.

He said that honestly, our leader Sheikh Hasina has accepted the activities of the government and government head of 173 countries, recognized by the world, a research organization called People's and Politics, where Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is third. Our leader in line of world leaders crossing national boundaries is particularly brilliant.

During this time, the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has proved that the former US defense minister and former World Bank chief Magnumar's statement has been proved wrong, said Awami League leader.

After the independence of Bangladesh, Magnumara became the Defense Minister of the United States and came to Bangladesh. He said that Bangladesh has been independent but can not survive. It may, however, have to survive on help. This statement of MagnMarara has proved wrong - our leader Sheikh Hasina

He said Bangladesh today is the role model of development in the world. That is why the Prime Minister has been elevated to the highest level.

Agriculture Minister said that the Awami League has made remarkable progress in the agricultural sector of Bangladesh in three terms. Razzak said, in 2001-05, the BNP did not achieve any such growth in five years in agriculture, in agriculture. Today we started in Bangladesh to produce 2 million 9 million or 30 million food grains. In the last 10 years, our production of rice, wheat and maize, in two terms, is about 4.33 million tonnes.

He said, today we are the fourth in the world to produce rice. Today we are third in the production of vegetables. We have achieved third place in fish production. Our potato needs 70 lakh tons, this year the production of potatoes has been 1 million 3 million tons. 33 lakh tons of potatoes are our surplus.

Razzaq said that the high quality of mango found in Bangladesh was difficult, there was a lot of price. Our sweet-smelling mango is no less than apples. Rather, many people have much more than taste.

'I have been producing so much of the past year that farmers who have made mango growers on commercial basis, have heard from the farmers - their mango production cost was 27 taka 1 kg mango. She sold it at Tk 20. That means, we also surplus. This year will also be surplus. Potato is the seventh place in it, I also got seventh place.

In the last 10 years, she said, "The rural roads are now empty, there are electricity in every village. BNP says the elections are illegal, have been rigged. But we did not see any BNP candidates contesting in the election. In this election, Awami League has formed a mass publicity. If they came to the election campaign, they could see how the public wrecks were created for us.

'And this was only due to the unprecedented development of Sheikh Hasina Sheikh Hasina did not just develop, in some cases took brave steps. He has kept a brave role against Hefajat, militant repression, terrorism, for which he is praised all over the world, "said the Awami League leader.

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