This is the love of Ama Ghana. (The Poem)

2 months ago

This is the love of Ama Ghana. (The Poem)


Cunning as they say the African voice is.
It is to what one may believe and think of the other.
They say we are blacks,
So our minds are as black as we are.

What would you say we are?
I say we are strong, bold and powerful.
We bring out the hope in a world like this.
The wealth in us has brought many to us.

The peace in us has brought many to us.
Many despised us but we never gave up the glory in us.
We fought, we stood firm even though many thought we were weak.
I speak with the cunning voice, and I speak of Ghana my mother land.

Oh yes I speak of the woman Ghana.
She is a mother, that is why we call her Ama
A mother born on a beautiful Sunday.
The mother who has instilled into her children a great and a rich culture.

Loved by her own, even though some care less of her well being.
A true mother who loves all her children.
Caring for each of them and blessing them with wonderful minerals.
This is the love of Ama Ghana.

© @paajohnny's creation 2019

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