11 days ago

And she was there,
right in front of my window,
liberating memories
and holding your sanity.

The hesitation was evident in his face as he turned to me,
his eyes showed the pain contained,
that one of the shadows to absorbed
and is that the fear of change marks us in doubt.


My present smelling of cedar,
that in his veins accumulates my most murky feelings,
that has its clear points when remembering happy moments,
but above all it maintains its strength in the face of the storm.

Tangible resignation that today you make to our dreams,
now you force me to overcome the duel and lock yourself in the past,
I force my mind not to be suffocated by negative thinking,
now that there is not much left to say about us.

While I still see you cross the street,
I can thank life for everything I learned by your side.
Now that I have to learn to reconnect with me,
Now that I have to occupy my days in sharing with me,
Now that I have to entrust my steps to life,
Now that the only sure thing is that what will come will be new.

I wrote this poetry from the visual of a man who is going to give his beloved, he sees her go away from him now.

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