Excellent nature photos with flowers

7 months ago

Today I am going to share excellent flowers pictures.It is lovely and pretty flower . The beauty of flower is mindblowing .
I don't know what is this flower name?. I hope that it is fantastic and incredible flower . I mind that it is lovely flower . Really I captured this flower by phone camera . if I capture by dslr camera , it looks very pretty and excellent . In a word mind-blowing .Everyone follow this flower . It is depend flower

Nature is created by God. Flowers are the symbol of beauty .in a world the beauty of every flowers are very diversity . Really I love flowers from my heart .For this reason most of the post I will do on different types and different colors of Flowers .So today I will share unknown flowers pictures from me. May be some people know this flower .but I do not know this flower .Infact I have no more idea about this flower .The day before I went with my brother Kolkata . There I captured lovely flowers pictures .. I am very happy from my mind .I want to say everyone that Flowers are very diversity and peaceful for life .because Flowers refresh our mind. Personally Flowers give me referesh mind and removes my tension when I close to go flowers .
Here is evidence as flowers ..




Location : Kolkata
Camera :Mi a1
Snap taken: 07-01-2019
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Beautiful flower