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When you are in the afternoon or in the morning. Surely you will see a very beautiful natural phenomenon, whether the sun sets or rises and then there is a place on the mountain or at sea, that's where there is the charm of extraordinary natural beauty for anyone who sees it, then people say natural phenomena.

Behind the beauty that you see in the sun that emits beautiful light or natural colors will turn red, then one question arises in your heart's mind, why does the sun turn red?


Based on the above questions, the experts answer the question that lies in the heart which is said, the sunlight that redens this nature is scattering of light which is a phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs when sunlight reflects off small particles in the atmosphere and scattered in all directions throughout the world.


When the sun is visible, sunlight consists of various colors such as golden white, yellow, white and others, including red. Well ... Of all colors, the sun only has the longest wave of all colors, namely red. Then this red color can be reached by human vision because this red color has a wave that is longer than other colors.


Then red, orange, and yellow can reach the human eye without having to scatter in space. These three colors are the cause of the sun being red when it rises at that time. Thus the source of light becomes red because it is joined together from the three colors so that it impacts red. The colors orange and yellow will unite in red. Well, Sereyan has understood why the sun is red when morning and evening ... That's the answer to the question above.


So that's how the reviews of sunrise and sunset cause light to turn red at that time. Hopefully what has been conveyed is useful. Thank you very much.


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