[Photo]: Patterns of the Black sea

5 months ago

 Hi friends!

The sea! How much magic and beauty is in this word!

I present to your attention the beautiful scenery of the black sea waves in Odessa

The sea always talks to us. Only the language of the sea can understand not everyone...

I wish you to learn the language of the sea

This wave in the reflection is like an iceberg

This embankment in Odessa near the Big Fountain

My one of the favorite things to do is to photograph the waves of the sea

Each wave is a source of inspiration and joy

Look at the fine serpentine drops of the wave. They're beautiful!

Sea foam is another form of sea waves


 Until next time, @r3benok

 Author's photo of the iPhone 6 S+

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excellent photoshut


Thank you!

Wow.... Really i love your photography...my dear friend....


Thank you! But I am rarely in the Telegram and do not communicate in social networks, there is no time. Thank you for inviting me;)

Best camara in iphone 6S!


Thank you! We like it very much too;)