[Photo]: MODA quay, Istanbul

7 months ago

 Hi friends!

Winter is depressing. At first it snowed in Odessa, it was -10 degrees below zero. Through the day the rain at +2. Very sharp changes are peculiar to Odessa. All this made me find summer photos

Now I will show you the photos of the embankment of Istanbul by the sea of Marmara

The embankment is called Moda. This is a very interesting and beautiful area in Istanbul. Located in Kadikoy

This is a very picturesque area. I like it very much

House on the waterfront in the Seljuk style.

In Turkey, some people live on small ships. Before you one of them

There are many tourists

Look how beautiful the sea of Marmara is!

A very nice place for meditation

The photo of the sundial

So look restaurants on the waterfront

Look how beautiful it is!

When I come to Istanbul, I always spend a few hours on the promenade MODA. It is very comforting and brings order to my thoughts


 Until next time, @r3benok

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Wow.... Excellent photoshoot...i love it..my dear friend


Thank you!