[Fhoto]: Funny friend Tyson

3 months ago

 Hi friends!

It's been a long time since I showed you my Jolly friend Tyson! As always, he gives our family is immeasurable warmth and love. We have mutual. With Tyson in the house is always fun and a lot of unexpected adventures:)))

In our house, all the cans and boxes go through Tyson's customs. He's the chief customs officer. Everything should be checked for taste and tooth:)

He recently made a hole in my jeans... Hinted that it is time for me to buy new;)

It's mom's summer hat... Was once very beautiful. Now Tyson has creatively changed her.

Even sleeps with a hat... Very she he likes:)))

Shoes no longer chews, but continues to take my things and gnaw them under the sofa:)

So we rest in the afternoon with Tyson... Generally live in world and for good!


             Beautiful life statements:

  • You can always recover what is lost
  • Perhaps a very quick change for the better
  • All that you have purchased at the moment, no you will not be able to take away
  • A person is able to survive everything if he has something to live for and he sees the meaning


 Until next time, @r3benok

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Cute dog!


Thank you!

I love pets especially clean ones like this. Enjoy yourself my friend!


Thank you!