The beauty of the growing sunflowers on the page of my schoolhouse

6 months ago

Good night in all corners of the world, and also for serey users wherever you are, how are you this night hopefully we will always be healthy and always be able to carry out activities as usual. whatever we do is healthy, if we are fed up with anything that is useless, then keep our health before health is revoked by the almighty, so in the morning I will do it with all of you about "The beauty of the growing sunflowers on the page of my schoolhouse" but before I explain it first what is Sun Flowers


Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is an annual plant of the kenikir-kenikiran (Asteraceae) tribe which is popular, both as an ornamental plant and an oil-producing plant. This plant flower is very typical: large, usually bright yellow, with a large flower head (diameter can reach 30 cm). This flower is actually a compound flower, arranged from hundreds to thousands of small flowers on one hunk. Sunflowers also have a distinctive behavior, namely the flowers are always facing / leaning toward the sun or heliotropism. French people call it tournesol or "sun traveler". However, this trait is excluded from various new cultivars for oil production because it consumes a lot of energy and reduces yield.

Sunflower is Ukraine's national flower and the official flower of the states of Kansas, United States.










Only this can I say less, sorry, if in this paper there are some similarities, both in terms of writing, and in terms of photogrphy, or there are my words that are not understood, for that I apologize profusely to All You, because this is my first time joining, therefore I need advice and direction in creating this blog so that there will be improvements for the future.

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Greetings to all who are in serey .......

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Are you sure that it is your first post or time here?


what's wrong, there is a problem with my posts, if it's not downvote okay, if there is something wrong, it can be directed or give advice if we fix the mistake, thanks for your input, master @wondercury for power up vote is a little, so it can be dragged. io

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