"Love-birds" bird photography

7 months ago
""Hello friends Serey , good afternoon ... !!! It didn't feel like the day was getting dark in the afternoon, changing nights, the sun changed the moon, on the occasion this afternoon I wanted to share some photography about" love-birds "birds, love birds birds are a kind of small and colorful body, this bird has many types and various kinds of feathers, and what I photograph is a yellow love-bird. "


This love-birds bird is very cute and has beautiful and clean fur, with yellow fur and an orange red head makes this bird so adorable, this bird is my friend's pet, and usually given corn as its food, I also lack know what kind of food this bird likes, because in general birds prefer grains or leaf caterpillars as food.



Do you also have love-birds birds ???
And maybe you know more about this bird ... Please write in the comments column.



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Great photos really beautiful bird.


Thank you @mianfahad.