Street guards - lights

7 months ago

All good!

I haven't published photos of street Wanderers - lanterns for a long time. Today I will show you some of the beauties that adorn the streets of South Palmyra

Zhukovskogo street is here is a nice blowing

Recently, on the stairs at the Dolphinarium appeared a wonderful lantern with a resting cat

Cat, as always, with a human face

On the backdrop of the sea looks magnificent street wanderer antique

Wanderer of the beach " joy"

Trio of street travelers on the beach too

At one of the hotels in Odessa all meets street lamp

This lamp I found on the territory of the sanatorium "Lermontovsky". This is an old lantern, only two of them survived. Once they worked on gas

Street wanderer on Panteleimonovskaya appeared recently. It adorns the entrance to the Orthodox Church at the railway station. Very nicely done.

This is the standard lights of the old Odessa with street names. This style is preserved from ancient times

Stunning lights on the French Boulevard!

This street wanderer in a tree and a bunch of accessories. Great job!

Old street lights that adorn on all sides of the Odessa railway station

Thank you for attention!

More photos of the iPhone 6s+

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Wooww.. amazing place !


Thank you