Gulls Of Istanbul

4 months ago

All good!

Seagull meditates and hypnotizes...

In the background photos Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue mosque

Interestingly, ornithologists in ancient times engaged in the study of birds. In Madagascar, for example, found the skeleton of aepyornis. The bird's foot was ringed. According to scientists, the seal that was on the ring is 4000 years old!

There are many varieties of seagulls, but there is one very unique - a pink Seagull. The man in the Arctic who was able to see it, considers himself very happy. In Russia, even issued a coin with a pink Seagull. Usually the birds fly to warmer climes for the winter, but the pink gull flies to the North. Oleg Kuvaev wrote a story about a pink Seagull - "the Bird of captain Ross". Then there was a screen adaptation of the story "Going beyond the horizon." The film vividly shows how a person strives to follow his dream. The hero's dream is to see a pink Seagull. Indeed, a very beautiful and unusual bird!

Istanbul Seagull looks very elegant in a restaurant

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More archive photos of the iPhone 6s+

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Hello @cadr...
You are very good at writing. I salute you. Likewise, your photo is very good.


Hi @ira.
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Awesome shots @cadr


Thanks @fherdz

Today's own are awesome! I presume you took them at some strategic positions.

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Oh Yes, I watched this Seagull for a long time))