Bright colors of spring in Istanbul

6 months ago

Hi friends!

Spring is in full swing, but in Istanbul already smelled summer. Tulips bloom, but other bright fireflies of nature come.

Yesterday has brought new paint and in the form of flowers. Walked through the Park in Atasehir. Everything is very green and lush.

The waterfall was turned off in the morning, so the ball today without water flows.

Yellow flowers - a sight to behold.

They look like on the sun shining!

Lanterns not miss my. This is the Eyup district of Istanbul.

Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+

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I noted you have beautiful heart because you like something around.


Many in the constant daily bustle do not notice all the beauty of the surrounding us, I just admire it all). Thank you for your kind and beautiful words.


No more people like to capture natural around us, do you think like me? 😉

great flowers
i like it.
the yellow one