Birds Starokonniy market

6 months ago

All good!

Today I will show a little birds of the old-Horse market. There are a lot of them for every taste. Inhabitants of Odessa like to get Pets.

Slightly looked in the cage to birds. The red parrot did not even blink an eye, just dozed

What curious eyes birds have...

These pigeons live right on the territory of the old Horse market

Now remembered the story of when doves worked metrologists. Do not remember the details of the article. But pigeons have very good eyesight. At one enterprise produced some parts. There were a lot of defective products, as the quality of finished products controlled by people. Then took to work pigeons who saw very small cracks on products. It was in the 70-ies, if I'm not mistaken. Pigeons have been trained for two months for this job. In the end, defective products that were sent to the stores, became several times less...

In the cells, of course, a pity to see birds, but what to do...

Special buildings for pigeons that live near the old-Horse market

So their house looks inside

Please note that a cat looks out from the window of the old house..

Thank you for attention!

More archive photos of the iPhone 6s+

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Wahh, I like 🐦 it


I'm glad you liked my friend.)



Hello, great post and nice photos !) Have a good day


Thanks. Likewise!

I love birds. This is just beautiful


I also like birds, watch them and take pictures of them.