[Odessa]: The summer continues...

5 days ago

 Hi friends! 

Odessa is always beautiful and attractive. The sun gives the continuation of the beach season. Many tourists, all sunbathe and swim in the Black sea. This is joy and positive!

In the hot season throughout Odessa included fountains. They make it a little easier to stay in the fresh and hot air...

It is Shevchenko Park and a monument to the Unknown sailor. Odessans love these places by the sea. Shevchenko Park - the largest Park in Odessa

The beach on wooden boards at the Dolphinarium Nemo is always crowded with people. This is a very popular place. I like spending time here, too.

A city beach is called the boom. This is a very old beach...

Langeron beach is also famous for two white balls. If tourists agree to meet-it's always two white balls on Langeron

A little further from the Langeron beach is a joy. There is the famous big yellow stone. I wonder how many people sat on this stone for all the time, it is difficult to imagine...

On city beaches there are offers not only rest on hot sand. Who loves comfort, can pay for different services on the beach and lie on the beautifully decorated couches.

Someone likes other colors...

Bright colors on the Odessa beach - this is another summer addition to a happy holiday!

 Until next time, @r3benok  

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