[Odessa]: Starosennaya square and dolphins

6 months ago

 Hi friends!

Old town square in Odessa is located in the Primorsky district between the railway station and the market "Privoz". More recently, dirty and noisy Starosennaya square and the adjoining green zone which was launched recently "ennobled" fountain, tile paving and building of the bus station. Now here you can have a great time, especially if you are waiting for a train or bus.

We walk often in the area. In winter, everything is a bit gloomy, but in the warm time it is very beautiful. I love bronze dolphins that swim so emotionally in the square;)

In historical times of Odessa peasants came here and sold products and cattle. Just imagine how hard it was to trade in the winter on the square, which was open to all winds! By the 80th years of the first century of existence of the city the area becomes informal border between the center and the area under the name "Sakhalin". Not far from the old-Growth there were houses in which the criminals lived, waiting for exhausting hard labor to the far far Eastern island of Sakhalin. Here lived and one of the most famous swindlers – Sonka the gold Handle. Now even scary to imagine that the landscaped area was once another

72 years-from 1923 to 1995, the square and the square were named in honor of the date of January 9. On this day, back in 1905, a demonstration of workers in St. Petersburg was dispersed and the first revolution of 1905-1907 began

Children just love dolphins! Passing woman looks with amazement)))

During the new Year holidays there was a beautiful fir tree. Against the background of dolphins looks very interesting

I really liked the grill in the form of an old locomotive

Around the perimeter of the Old square cafes and restaurants for every taste.

The city of Odessa is often called mother. Before you is a café called Odessa-mother

It's part of the Old town square.

Odessa trams on Starosennaya square

Such an interesting deer meet in different parts of our city:)

In winter in Odessa is wet and cold, but it does not spoil the cheerful mood of the residents;)


 Until next time, @r3benok

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Kudos to the sculptor that molded those dolphins. They're fantastic!


Thank you for your attention!