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Odessa is a city of culture and art. We are very proud that among the many famous people in Odessa lived Russian poet Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837). Our post today is dedicated to Pushkin in Odessa. The poet left a deep trace in our city. One of the main streets in Odessa is named after the poet.

On Pushkin street is a Museum named after Pushkin. In the photo you can see the monument to the poet next to the Museum.

The first time the poet came to Odessa in the autumn of 1820, heading from the Crimea to Bessarabia. In March 1821, he stayed in Odessa for a few days. More than two weeks Pushkin lived in Odessa in may 1823. Finally, on July 3, 1823, Pushkin came to Odessa to live here until July 31, 1824, the famous thirteen months, thanks to which Odessa forever entered the history of world culture.

In Odessa lived not only the great poet Pushkin, but also his younger brother Lev Sergeevich Pushkin (1805-1852). The last years of his life, almost a decade, Lev Sergeevich faithfully served Odessa directly-as a citizen, as an official, as a kulturtreger, and earned tremendous respect in the city. Possessing an exceptional memory, Leo Pushkin knew literally by heart all the works of the brother , including sketches, variants, versions, and replicas. During the years of his southern exile, Lev Pushkin was the first assistant and confidant of the poet's elder brother: he often settled his literary and publishing Affairs in the capital, carried out various assignments, including the transfer of books and periodicals. Alexander Pushkin always discussed current problems with his younger brother.

The poet, Alexander Pushkin lived on the Richelieu street, at the intersection with Deribasovskaya, in the upper floor of the house that belonged to the first Baron Reno, and then his daughter Princess Cantacuzino. The Windows of the house overlook both streets, and the corner balcony belonged to the poet, who to the left could see the sea. Almost in his eyes was a theatre – then the same as now – and a single-storey house, which for 8 years before he lived the Duke of Richelieu (now the Richelieu building of the hotel). Further, to the theater, on the other corner of the same quarter, and against the house of Richelieu, was placed a casino, which he mentions in "Onegin", in the description of Odessa, and in which he sometimes sat in his Chisinau archaluh and FEZ.

Every year the festival of Russian poetry "Pushkin autumn in Odessa"is held in Odessa. At the 6th festival was opened an unusual monument to the great poet-a "Shadow of Pushkin". Located a memorial sign next to the house where Pushkin lived. The author of the idea of an unusual monument - the famous Odessa local historian Oleg Gubar, the author of the drawing on the sidewalk — sculptor Alexander Knyazik. A shadow is a reflection of the soul. And the shadow of Pushkin means sepreatly in the city. The monument is made of very durable clinker brick, under the feet of the shadow — inset of stone, which the first years of paving the sidewalks in Odessa.

The monument to Pushkin on Pushkin street. It seems that the poet always protects the cultural city

In the photo the same monument, only in full size

As part of the annual festival" Pushkin autumn " in Odessa opened a memorial plaque to Pushkin. The new sign now adorns the facade of the former building of the Richelieu Lyceum at Deribasovskaya, 16. The plate according to a curious tourist, "In this house Pushkin visited". The Board itself is a gift to the city from the writer Oleg Borushko, sculptor Alexander Knyazik and historian Oleg Gubar.

And on the seaside Boulevard there is a bust, the funds for which were collected by the residents of Odessa. The Grand opening took place on April 16, 1889. On the semicircular roller, bordering the base of the bust, on the side that faces the sea, carved: "on the project HR. Vasilyeva sculpted Zh. Polonskaya, tide. A. Moran”. On the reverse side of the monument, on the bust drapery, where it falls on the coat of arms of the city, you can see the autograph of the sculptor.

It looked like the Duma area and a new monument to Alexander Pushkin in the 19th century

We have the honor to constantly observe monuments to the great Russian poet in different places of the city

During the holidays near the monument to Pushkin are concerts and performances

Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa

Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa in the 19th century

In Odessa, Alexander Pushkin is treated with great warmth and respect. Many shops put up posters of Pushkin.


When you arrive in Odessa, be sure to see where Pushkin lived. Take a walk through the memorable places. You will definitely feel the presence of the great poet Alexander Pushkin in our city


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