[Odessa]: Children's adventure time

7 months ago

 Hi friends!

We all love to dive into childhood. It's great to get together with friends and spend time in the Lunapark. Immediately you remember the beautiful and carefree childhood. Today we will walk in Odessa, where not only children but also many adults spend time.

Lunapark in Odessa is a very noisy and fun place. Especially crowded in the warmer months. But winter here, too, not bored!

At the entrance to the Lunapark you will be greeted by a charming gorilla. Odessa gorilla languid and cheerful voice tells how to have a great time here! Gorilla not only talks, but dances and gestures. Children gorilla love! By the New year gorilla dressed As Santa Claus

I love taking pictures of the Ferris wheel. It for me as a magic circle which hung in the sky over Odessa.

In winter in Odessa there are many skating rinks for figure skating. This sport is very popular in Odessa. There are many figure skating schools

If you visit Odessa, then be sure to check out the Lunapark. The Ferris wheel will show our city from a bird's eye view

Come ice skating in winter! This is a lot of fun, especially when you do not know how to do it:) to help you will be given a penguin that will help you keep your balance;)

From small to large, everyone loves to skate. It is especially interesting when you see couples already in age. They're so cute, holding hands, skating. I didn't see them that day.

Even in the dark in the Lunapark enough people. No one's going home...

Ferris wheel in the evening glow...

The Ferris wheel looks like a magical sun...

For the whole family you can always find entertainment in the Lunapark. In summer, various water attractions are added

Little kids love airplanes very much...

We love to ride on these children's cars...

Rides at Luna Park very much. There are the most extreme. This is for those who urgently need adrenaline...

We come here in winter to skate. Here is a very high quality ice

 Until next time, @r3benok

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