[Odessa]: "Buddhist East" in the Museum of Odessa

3 months ago

 Hi friends!

Odessa municipal Museum of personal collections. A. V. bleshunov are very beautiful exhibits. Today I will show you some of them.

The Museum has many rooms with different themes. Today you will see the exhibits of the hall "Buddhist East"

Hall "Buddhist East" is dedicated to the art of the Far East and Central Asia. Here are exhibited rare scrolls of Japan and China, porcelain, ivory and wood carving, a collection of cloisonné enamel, wonderful lacquer products, among which the only in Ukraine Chinese screen of Coromandel lacquer of the middle of the XVII century stands out. This is a very beautiful immersion in history.

On the left in the photo is the Coromandel screen. It's China. XIII century, Ming dynasty. Wood, varnish, mineral paints, carving. In Ukraine, such exhibits no longer exist

I really liked the bouquet of lotuses, which is made of wood. At first sight, you can't tell it's a tree. This is a 19th century Chinese product

Wisdom, knowledge, kindness are inherent in all exhibits of the East

Wisdom, knowledge, kindness are inherent in all exhibits of the East. It is always a pleasure to look at historical exhibits from all over the world

Look what beauty and refinement in these shafts and caskets! Exquisite painting attracts my attention, very thin and tasteful

How would like to drink green tea from this beautiful dish;)

This is only the first part of the exhibits in the Alexander Bleshunov Museum. The second part will show later

Welcome to Odessa!


 Until next time, @r3benok

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This is mind-blowing! You'll not cease to amaze us with eye catching pictures!
Kudos @r3benok


Thank you very much!