[Odessa]: A little walk around the big city

6 months ago

 Hi friends!

A man is happy where his home is. Odessa! Southern Belle on the shores of the sea always around a gathering of creative people. And I always enjoy walking through the old streets and parks

Before you Kirovsky square. There is always young mothers walking with small children. The Park has a small Playground, where the children play football. In summer there are many attractions. Older people come here to admire the dynamics of life that children create. Pigeons are an ornament of our city, they economically collect all crumbs of bread which are given to them by people

The world is now very valued creativity. Especially on the streets are popular drawings on the walls of buildings. Free artists can take part in the city decoration mission.

Artists Express their thoughts and feelings in different ways. I photographed today only those drawings that were in my way. In Odessa, a lot of them

The weather is not spring yet, but there is no snow. After a walk we decided to drink hot mulled wine. In Odessa it is made especially!

No pizza! Be sure to eat delicious pizza and went on a walk

What a funny cats gift with a nautical ornament! This is a souvenir shop on Primorsky Boulevard

A million times I walk through the streets of old Odessa and always admire the sculptures and beautiful architectural buildings

Potemkin stairs and Marine station

And after all only recently in Odessa there was a snow and a frost. But we are already looking forward to spring! It's always nice to live in your favorite city! Welcome to Odessa!


 Until next time, @r3benok

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This is lovely! The streets are so amazing!


Welcome to Odessa!