dear @wondercury - Why do you flag in my publications?image/svg+xml

7 months ago

whats up.jpg

I still do not understand the flag you make in my publication. I understand that a flag is for spamm, inappropriate content, or plagiarism. But my publications are of my authorship and it is 100% original content, it does not offend anyone or affect the community in any kind of way, because they are only photographs captured by me.

Do not you like my pictures @wondercury?

I think before doing this kind of thing you should leave a comment and explain why you do that. Since this affects a little the user who makes a publication. I have nothing against you, in fact no idea who you are, but know how to use the flags and do not use them for simple idleness.

Thank you.

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I do not agree with some users who mark the publications without having any reason. I think @wondercury is making bad use of the flags, it's inappropriate, I check your blog and it's perfect, in fact I love your publications.

you will get answer from @timelocker throught his post soon .And how much of Serey do you expect to get for just many original pictures?