Cryptotab Browser: surf site and earn free bitcoin.

4 months ago

I m pretty sure if you bitcoin user then you all definitely know about cryptotab browser but in case you don't know so this post for you.

What is Cryptotab.

Cryptotab is a plug-in that you download for chrome, that allows to mine bitcoin while you use your browser which will make you earn bitcoin.

You can invite friends and earn more bitcoin.

The company says that you can earn more than 1 bitcoin in a single month(you believe I cant). They said Crypto tag more than 8 times faster than Chrom.

Screenshot (9).png

How to earn.

1.Install app in your Android, Windows, IOS, and macOS.

2.Open the app and sing up and complete profile.

3. Set you mining speed in the setting and start surfing browser. ( NOTE... mining at high speed it definitely damages your device.

You should try this app but remember don't give the load to your device because of a few coins. you can download the Google Chrome extension from google case you don't want to mine bitcoin just go setting and turn off mining setting and surf your browser without damaging your device just simple.

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